Our Neighbors

Greenview Estates is not only a beautiful community surrounded by the pristine Black Hills of South Dakota, it is also a warm and welcoming community. We are not looking for buyers, we are looking for neighbors because we call Greenview Estates home. We love the Black Hills and this beautiful Estate and know that just like us, you will fall in love with the area and want to call it your home.

Our Home and Yours

Greenview Estates is not only property we own, it’s also where we live. We love these Estates enough to make it our home and we know that you will want to call it home too:

Stop by and visit us and see the first log home built by the experts at Timberline:

“As a log home builder in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota we are excited about the opportunity to work with you on your log home dreams. It doesn’t matter if you are dreaming of a custom log home, a small summer log cabin or our country home, a conventionally built home with log or timber accents; we have the expertise and experience to understand each customer’s special needs. Please visit our site and feel free to contact us, an experienced log home general contractor and log home supplies provider located near Rapid City, with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing how we can help you fulfill your dream.”

View Our Black Hills Estates

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